My wife's "favorite"
2013 Morgan M3W
My wife's "favorite"
  • My wife's "favorite"
  • My wife's "favorite"
  • My wife's "favorite"

This is not a kit car. This is a V-twin S&S 121ci motorcycle engine powered car. It has a 5 speed manual gearbox from a Mazda miata. Stock it made 88hp.  This one has had everything you can do to upgrade the power short of a big bore kit. It currently makes 125hp and weighs only 1200lbs. So it is fun to drive.  It has been lowered and the suspension upgraded. I hand made the exhaust myself. 

What do you do if it rains? You get very very wet.  It is very scary in the rain and prone to hydroplan so planning is required.  

2013 Year
Morgan Make
M3W Model
Black Exterior Color
Black Interior Color